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Cored – Communal Software Development

Tampere University of Technology has developed a communal programming platform called Cored.

Tampere University of Technology has developed a communal programming platform called Cored, which makes browser based software development possible over the Internet, without installing development tools to your own computers. With the help of Cloud services, programming can be done in a communal way and without unnecessary preliminary work phases.

Cloud services over the Internet, change and make working easier in comparison to the traditional way of managing your own computers in several ways. The Internet environment can remove the need to install and manage software and development tools for a single user. In this way, the actual work can be accessed easier and faster. The Internet makes also the communal way of working and social software development possible. These possibilities are currently not utilized in software development to their full potential. 

The Cored programming editor is connected as a Vaadin component. The software utilizes the Java development package, and with this the possible coding errors can be verified. The possibility to have several real time users has been realized with a purpose built algorithm. To present the software, the University has also created a development tool (IDE), which makes code commenting possible by using the developer aimed chat and Facebook integration.

Cored is linked to the Arvue development platform (IDE), created by Vaadin Oy, and it has been developed in cooperation with Åbo Akademi and JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Working is made possible by using the Cloud Software Finland’s program which is one of TIVIT Oy’s top projects to promote the Finnish information technology development. The program combines the know-how of Universities and corporations in the research and development of cloud technologies. The program focuses for example on user experience, data security and system openness.

Further information:

Tommi Mikkonen

Professor, Tampere University of Technology


+358 40 849 0749


Cloud Software Finland is a four year (2010-2014) Tivit-program, which focuses on developing the different areas of cloud services. The program is funded by Tekes.