Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies
The Internet is becoming ubiquitous. On one hand, this is due to the introduction of more capable devices that allow accessing the web from handheld devices and home electronics. On the other hand, it is becoming clear that the killer app of the future is the access to all the data in the world, provided by the web.

Due to these trends, the software industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift from traditional installable applications to web-based software, where applications live on the Web as services. They consist of data, code and other resources that can be located anywhere in the world.

In terms of engineering, web application development is still in its infancy – of course, as long as the primary purpose of web development was the creation of web, pages, there was no need to apply established software engineering principles to web development. However, cloud computing forces one to treat web development in the same fashion as software development in general. These include aspects like reusability, interoperability, and security, just to give some examples.

The main goals of the technology in the cloud work package are to:
  • Collect a compilation of best practices for cloud computing
  • Develop toolbox for cloud computing application development
  • Build a cloud demonstration environment
  • Define guidelines for openness in the cloud
  • Develop sample applications that benefit from cloud computing and content mashupping

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