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The closing seminar of the Cloud Software Program on the 13th of December: the Cloud Software programme increased the productivity of Finnish IT firms and facilitated competitive new business activity

The four-year Cloud Software Program of Digile Ltd, funded by Tekes, is organising a closing seminar on the 13th of December in Helsinki at the Marina Congress Center.

The Software Factories at the University of Oulu and University of Helsinki are fine-tuning companies' product and operational models

The universities' Software Factories are further developing companies' products and operational models, making use of modern tools. Tieto utilised within the Cloud Software Program the research work of the Software Factories.

Challenging lean's applicability

Article on Ericsson R& D Finland's lean transformation published

Enlighten Your Research: Virtual Machines in the Research Cloud

CSC - IT Center for Science with collaborators receive an internation award for creating a cloud service for biomedicine.

Cloud Software Program published a definitive guide to success in the cloud

The key experiences from the Digile SHOK Cloud Software have been complied by Cloud Software Finland into the Cloud Software Program's "Quick Guide to Cloud Success".

Investigating new business models for cloud computing high risks and high rewards in a constantly changing world

A new academic paper takes an in-depth look on how the evolution of cloud computing affects the business models of international ICT companies.
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