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Thesis on new model based development too for lean and agile environment

Jarno Kyykkä's thesis analyzes new model based development tool's applicability to the Ericsson Finland Lean and agile R&D organization.

Content Anywhere - a new cloud service

F-Secure's Content Anywhere is a simple and secure cloud service that backs up the content from user's devices and allows the user to access the content from any device, any time.

User Experience Design Goes Agile in Lean Transformation - A Case Study

The article describes the results of a single-case case study, exploring the role of user experience (UX) work in agile software development. It was nominated for Best Paper Award in Agile 2012-conference.

Deployment can be fast and reliable

F-Secure's projects in the Cloud Software Program involves a PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform project and a deployment solution for PaaS, that reduces time spent on deployments dramatically.

Business purchasing and sales processes in a cloud environment

The purchasing and sales process between businesses can be managed using cloud services. Technical solutions enable establishing trust quickly between the service provider and customer.
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